Secrets of the ocean

Some say that the boundaries of our knowledge of the world lie in space. However, they flatter themselves. The boundaries of our knowledge are still on the Earth. The global ocean still represents one of the greatest mysteries of nature. Many of us take the ocean for granted, but it is huge, powerful and almost restless. Its depths may conceal something unimaginable. Today there are 10 mysteries of the ocean, which were not revealed.

10. The Bimini Road, also called the Bimini Wall, is located on the Bahamas. It lies underwater at a depth of only about half a meter so that it can be seen through the water. Some of its stones reach a length of 6 meters. Some people believe that it was formed naturally, and some people consider that it was made by people. There is only one question – what is the reason for making the road under water?

9. Milky Sea. The effect of the milky sea arises when water changes its color in a certain area of the ocean and becomes milky-white-blue. This is a rather frightening phenomenon. Many sailors and travelers felt completely disoriented when faced it. Many scientists claim that this is due to the activity of bacteria. However, so far they did not find any bacteria able to change the color of the water from time to time.

8. Yonaguni Pyramids. These stunning ancient pyramids were found in Japan near the island of Yonaguni. Researchers say they may be older than the Egyptian pyramids. It is wonderful but how exactly did they appear underwater? Nobody can say for sure. If they were manmade, maybe they were part of the city. However, people can’t live underwater. Maybe they could? Did people build them? Nobody knows.

7. Underwater waterfalls. A question for philosophers who love riddles like that: can God create a stone he cannot lift? How can the underwater waterfall exist if the water is everywhere? However, underwater waterfalls exist and can even be very dangerous. The currents that are formed near them can destroy ships. So far, scientists have discovered seven underwater waterfalls and most likely, it is not all. The largest of them is located near the coast of Denmark.

6. Underwater crop circles. You all know about crop circles, right? Mysterious patterns looking at which people think that these circles were left by UFOs. Therefore, these circles exist under water. Apparently, aliens are not very worried about the place to land – on land or in the ocean. In fact, scientists believe that these traces remain from the ritual of fish mating. This is certainly not as interesting as the version with the aliens but what so it goes.

5. Bermuda Triangle. Once people were really bothered by the need to fly or float in this zone. Now people speak about it much less but earlier it was a significant reason for excitement. It was also called the Devil’s Triangle. A lot of planes and ships have disappeared untraceably in this zone. Some people say that there is a portal to another world. Maybe it is not true, but there is no need to tempt fate.

4. Cuban underwater city. All the items on this list are real mysteries, but the Cuban underwater city really makes people wonder. There is the structure near the coast of Cuba, which makes you think that perhaps the myth of Atlantis was based on real facts. It is an underwater city with gigantic pyramids and sculptures of sphinxes. Some people believe that the city is over 10 000 years old and it sank during the earthquake. It is hard to find another explanation.

3. The Devil’s Sea is a zone about 100 km from the Japanese capital of Tokyo near the territory of Goa. Many sailors are afraid to enter these waters. Many ships sank here, trying to cross the sea of the Devil’s Sea. Strong storms appear in this area suddenly. In addition, nobody lives here – no fish, no birds, no whales, and no dolphins. It is probably connected to something.

2. Glowing and rotating underwater circles. Another real mystery – the mysterious circles near the Persian Gulf that glow and rotate. Some scientists say it is plankton. However, most researchers disagree. This is probably another unidentified oceanic phenomenon. Although certainly as in other phenomena on the Earth, aliens can be involved in this mystery.

1. UFO in the Baltic Sea. It is perhaps even too mysterious even for this list. Some people think that what we take for UFOs at the bottom of the Baltic is just a stone. Others say it is an old sunken submarine, but this device looks like it just came out of the Star Wars movie. The team of researchers who discovered this claims that it rests on a huge pillar, and inside there is a ladder leading to a black hole. It does not matter whether you believe in the versions given here or not, one thing is clear – definitely, it is a real mystery for humanity.

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