8 Funny Animals

Did you know that even in ordinary places one can meet quite exotic animals? No doubt that these unique creatures are a great finding for photographers. Even if you see one of them on the Internet, you’d rather think that it is Photoshop. And though you never saw them, they actually exist. So, this is the list of 8 unusual animals you never heard about.

1. Pinocchio frog.

This representative of cool-blooded animals was found occasionally. It was in a bag with rice in camping. Though this species was found in New Guinea in 2008, the first information about this discovery was published only in 2010. This tree frog gained its new name for its long nose which reminds the nose of a famous book character Pinocchio. As it turned out, this nose is a functional or, to be more accurate, emotional element. Pinocchio nose has unique capabilities – nose goes up when someone touches the frog and when it feels danger. When the frog is less active and feels safe and calm, the nose relaxes and goes down.

2. Snub-nosed monkey.

Burmese or Striker’s snub-nosed monkey is a species of monkey found in 2010 in Burma. This creature was found by a group headed by John Striker, so the new species was named after him. It’s known that only one population of Burmese snub-nosed monkeys was found. Only 300 animals in total. Apart from the distinctive black color and white snout, the main peculiarities of this monkey is a distorted updrawn nose. As local hunters say, when it rains, the monkey sneezes loudly because water comes into its nose. For that reason during the rain one can see this monkey sitting with its head between knees. Burmese monkey is on the verge of going extinct because local people eat it. These species don’t have any cultural value in contradiction from us.

3. Eared octopus.

As it turned out, in the depths of the sea one can find not only terrible monsters but also pretty and unusual creatures, for example, this eared octopus, recently discovered by scientists at the bottom of the Mexican Gulf. A rare species turned out to be so cute that scientists gave it the name of Dumbo. He has two rather unusual appendages, which resemble ears. The cephalopod uses them as fins. These deep-sea creatures have a very fast way of absorbing food. Instead of tearing the food up, like other octopuses do, Dumbo swallows it as one piece. This unique and amazing octopus was discovered on April 26, 2014 during the expedition that was carried on board the submarine Okeanos Explorer.

4. White bat.

If you rely on stereotypes, this animal should strike fear, but this little white horror flying on the wings of the night doesn’t resemble a bloodthirsty vampire at all. These creatures are actually bats. However, they differ from the rest of their species. They do not live in caves and do not suck blood, besides, as you see their fur is snow-white. This species is found only in some countries of Central America. If you are very lucky you will be able to see it in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and of course in Honduras. In addition to the fact that this species is very rare, their size is extremely small. The length of the largest ever found mouse did not exceed 5 cm. There is information that these animals are under threat of extinction. We’ll hope that everything possible will be done to make the unique species able to survive.

5. Fluorescent cancer.

This cancer knows about the rainbow much more than you and me. Recently, German researchers have made a statement that one of the most beautiful creatures in fresh-water is cancer that has an unusual neon coloration of its shell. The birthplace of this small crustacean is the province of western Papua in Indonesia. The brightest animals are of course males that have a length of three to four inches. Females of this species were more modest. They are slightly smaller and their color is not so attractive. The bright shell of cancer resembles an intergalactic sky with a thousand flickering stars or a tropical sunset at the dazzling blue sky. It is interesting that many people on the aquarium market around the world know this kind of cancer and sell them for more than a decade. Would like to have such animal?

6. Grasshopper with pink eyes.

Have you ever met insects with an unusual eye color? This grasshopper with pink eyes that resemble beans inhabits the Muller Ranges on the Pacific hills. The grasshopper is bright green, and it seems that its eyes are shining. This rare insect was discovered during a scientific expedition to the second largest island of the planet – New Guinea. Previously, no one heard about it, so the find certainly impressed scientists.

7. Chinese softshell turtle.

The saying “slow as a turtle” does not always work. The Chinese softshell turtle, if frightened, runs to the shelter at such a speed that not every adult person is able to catch up with it. This is quite a non-standard turtle. It differs from those that we used to see – it has a soft shell without horny mails and is covered with skin. The shell of the turtle is round, the edges are soft. With age, it changes shape from round to elongated. Based on these characteristics, it is possible to determine the age of the animal. The upper visible part of the shell is green-gray or green-brown which helps the turtle to disguise on the bottom. If you decide to have such a turtle as a pet, be careful. Its neck is very long. If you hold a turtle for a shell, it can stretch its neck and bite so that you won’t find it funny.

8. Ili Pika.

This nice animal was called Ili Pika. The same name is used in China, where the pioneer of this animal came from. Ili Pika is found in the mountainous region of Tien Shan, feeds on grass growing on high mountains and is extremely rare in the landscape. The animal resembles a rabbit, a squirrel, and a toy bear at the same time. Just imagine, for 20 years, no Ili Pika was photographed. That is why the people call it a magic rabbit. Let’s hope that the population of this charming species will increase and very soon the mountains of Tian Shan will have a lot of these furry animals.

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