After their 75th anniversary, married couple dies in each other’s arms!


After their 75th marriage anniversary, couple’s wish of dying in each other’s arm was fullfiled. The cute-meet duo’s relationship started when they were only 8. And their love has kept them through it all – Until they finally had their last breaths.

In an interview with California’s KGTV, Aimee Tockzko-Cushman, daughter of the aged love-birds recalls the unbreakable bond that existed between her parents. She adds that as long as she could remember “Their hearts always beat as one”.


95-year-old Alexander and Jeanette Toczko, his 96 years old wife, made their nuptial vows in 1940. The couples had just received compliments from their children on their 75th anniversary shortly before the demise of the husband – the wife followed hours after.

Aimee recalls how Alexander would always go about with a picture of her mother (wearing her Holy Communionregalia) in his wallet.

Aimee explained that their father loved golf – a sport he played daily, until he had a fall and broke his hip.

This deteriorated and caused him great health concern – his health greatly declined. Jeanette couldn’t stand seeing his hubby in this condition. And sooner, her health began to decline too.

According to the couple’s wish, a local clinic brought down a bed to their home, setting Alex’s bed up next to where Jeanette laid.

Aimee recollect show the couples would always say they wanted to die in each other’s arms right in their beds.


Few days before they eventually passed on, Jeannette kept asking for the days’ date – every single day.

Aimee said that her mom didn’t stop asking them ‘what is today, what is today?’And on a particular day, the children told her it was June 29th and that was their wedding anniversary!


She said they all celebrated with their sick parents and wished them a happy anniversary. Her mother was really thrilled, as they had hit 75 years in marriage –But somehow, she knew Alex wouldn’t make it.

In such an aura of mixed emotions, everyone left the room for the dying lovers to have their final moments to themselves.


When Alexander finally died, Aimee shared the news with Jeannette.

On hearing the news, Jeannette hugged Alex and said “this is what you wanted” She added, “wait for me, I’ll be there soon

At that point, everyone could guess she would be leaving soon too. But it turned out even sooner than they thought they could’ve ever guessed.

Credit: Facebook | Jeanette Alexander Toczko


A nurse from the local clinic who couldn’t hold back her emotions said it was so incredible watching them have their last moments together, and walking through the ‘pearly gates’ in each other’s arms.

Jeanette and Alexander were buried in San Diego at the Miramar National Cemetery.

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